Friday, August 28, 2009

Week 10: Almost 10 lbs. down!!!

Thank You, Lord, for a great week!

I was able to meet most of my goal. I did journal my calories every day this week, but I only got to exercise twice this week. One time was taking Joshua for a walk, and the second was grocery shopping (I counted it as exercise because I had a 40 lb. bag of dog food under my cart that made it challenging to push around the store...). I was trying to take Gideon for a walk last night but the weather did not cooperate. I literally had Gideon in the stroller and we walked about 5 steps when I got a phone call from Neal telling me to take cover! He said it was raining where he was about two miles away, so we put the stroller up and got back into the van. So much for that walk!

I had a great result on the scales, which I am so excited about!! I finally broke the 30 lbs. to go mark this week!!! I lost 2.6 pounds this week! Yippeeeeee!!!


  1. I forgot to mention that I have lost 9.2 pounds total in my first 10 weeks since starting this blog. I have 28.6 pounds left to lose.