Friday, August 14, 2009

I made it (sort of)! :)

Well, I asked last week for you to check in on me this week to keep me accountable. I journaled every day this week and tried to stay close to my calories each day. One day I made this homemade ice cream that I realized was PACKED with calories, but I ate it anyways. So that day I went over by quite a bit. But other than that, I stuck pretty close to my daily calorie goals.

I lost another pound this week...yippee!! Honestly, I guess I wish it was more, but I need to be thankful to God for helping me to lose another pound. Slowly but surely I'm seeing the weight come off. My goal was to be below the "30 pounds to go" mark this week, but I didn't quite make it to that. So, that's why I titled this entry, "I made it (sort of)!" I am hoping next week to break that mark.

Here's my report for the week:
Weight lost this week: 1 lb.
Weight lost so far: 7 lbs.
Weight left to lose: 30.8 lbs.


  1. You are so close to breaking the 30 pound mark! How exciting! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks! I love you!