Friday, August 21, 2009

4 steps forward, 3 steps back

Or is that 4 days forward, 3 days back??

After some fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies had been made at my house on Saturday night, I decided that I would totally throw my calorie counting out the window and pig out on the cookies and cookie dough. Then I made sure to eat lots more on Sunday and not pay attention to how much I was eating. Monday was my mom's birthday, and I didn't count my calories that day, either. I don't think I did too bad that day, though. I was almost in shock by my weigh in on Monday morning, after just a day and a half of poor eating choices. My weight was up about 4 pounds from my weight on Saturday! I don't know if it was actual weight or just water weight or some of both (which I suspect is the case).

So, I got back to counting my calories for Tuesday through Thursday (including last Friday, that makes 4 days of counting calories). Thankfully, my weight did come down mostly by today. I actually gained .4 lbs. since last Friday, but considering Monday's weigh in, I am okay with that.

I was thinking of the saying that goes something like this: you make your bed, so you have to lie in it. It was my choice to eat poorly for a few days, and I paid the price for it. It's just too bad that the days I spent trying to stick to my eating plan were basically just used to offset the 3 off days... Makes me realize how much a few days "off" my plan really cost. It pretty much means I've wasted a week of time. But, I'm reminded again of the need to stick with my goals every day.

Here are my specific goals for this week:
-Exercise 3 times
-Count/journal my calories every day

My hope is to lose 2 pounds this week!! And then finally get under the 30 lbs. to go mark!!

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  1. I am proud of you. I think you did a great job to balance out your week. Eating right is a lifestyle and not just day to day. Don't beat yourself up for the 3 days "off". Just think of the things you learned!!! So it wasn't wasted. Besides, you didn't mention not feeling well. I think that effects so much including how we eat. =]