Friday, August 28, 2009

Week 10: Almost 10 lbs. down!!!

Thank You, Lord, for a great week!

I was able to meet most of my goal. I did journal my calories every day this week, but I only got to exercise twice this week. One time was taking Joshua for a walk, and the second was grocery shopping (I counted it as exercise because I had a 40 lb. bag of dog food under my cart that made it challenging to push around the store...). I was trying to take Gideon for a walk last night but the weather did not cooperate. I literally had Gideon in the stroller and we walked about 5 steps when I got a phone call from Neal telling me to take cover! He said it was raining where he was about two miles away, so we put the stroller up and got back into the van. So much for that walk!

I had a great result on the scales, which I am so excited about!! I finally broke the 30 lbs. to go mark this week!!! I lost 2.6 pounds this week! Yippeeeeee!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

4 steps forward, 3 steps back

Or is that 4 days forward, 3 days back??

After some fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies had been made at my house on Saturday night, I decided that I would totally throw my calorie counting out the window and pig out on the cookies and cookie dough. Then I made sure to eat lots more on Sunday and not pay attention to how much I was eating. Monday was my mom's birthday, and I didn't count my calories that day, either. I don't think I did too bad that day, though. I was almost in shock by my weigh in on Monday morning, after just a day and a half of poor eating choices. My weight was up about 4 pounds from my weight on Saturday! I don't know if it was actual weight or just water weight or some of both (which I suspect is the case).

So, I got back to counting my calories for Tuesday through Thursday (including last Friday, that makes 4 days of counting calories). Thankfully, my weight did come down mostly by today. I actually gained .4 lbs. since last Friday, but considering Monday's weigh in, I am okay with that.

I was thinking of the saying that goes something like this: you make your bed, so you have to lie in it. It was my choice to eat poorly for a few days, and I paid the price for it. It's just too bad that the days I spent trying to stick to my eating plan were basically just used to offset the 3 off days... Makes me realize how much a few days "off" my plan really cost. It pretty much means I've wasted a week of time. But, I'm reminded again of the need to stick with my goals every day.

Here are my specific goals for this week:
-Exercise 3 times
-Count/journal my calories every day

My hope is to lose 2 pounds this week!! And then finally get under the 30 lbs. to go mark!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I made it (sort of)! :)

Well, I asked last week for you to check in on me this week to keep me accountable. I journaled every day this week and tried to stay close to my calories each day. One day I made this homemade ice cream that I realized was PACKED with calories, but I ate it anyways. So that day I went over by quite a bit. But other than that, I stuck pretty close to my daily calorie goals.

I lost another pound this week...yippee!! Honestly, I guess I wish it was more, but I need to be thankful to God for helping me to lose another pound. Slowly but surely I'm seeing the weight come off. My goal was to be below the "30 pounds to go" mark this week, but I didn't quite make it to that. So, that's why I titled this entry, "I made it (sort of)!" I am hoping next week to break that mark.

Here's my report for the week:
Weight lost this week: 1 lb.
Weight lost so far: 7 lbs.
Weight left to lose: 30.8 lbs.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Am I to week 7 already?

Wow, time flies!! You know, when I look at how long I've been working towards this goal, the time that has passed seems to have gone by so quickly. Funny, because whenever I look ahead, a seemingly large chunk of time that I need to accomplish my goal seems so huge and overwhelming at times. In other words, I shouldn't get so overwhelmed by whatever amount of time is necessary to get to my goal. The time will probably pass much more quickly than I think...

I lost another 1.4 pounds this week; thank You, Lord!!

I've lost 6 so far.
31.8 to go! I said last week, my goal was to get below the "30 pounds to go" mark in 2 weeks from that day, so I need to lose 2 pounds this week to get below that mark.

I actually didn't stick with my calorie counting very well this week. So, to have not given my best effort and still lost weight is pretty amazing to me. It just makes me wonder if I stick with my plan every day this week how well I could do next Friday?

I'm sorry for when I fall short, as I often do. I need God's help so much in this effort! Yesterday I was really hungry in the afternoon. I kept thinking of how I was going to have to post here today; that knowledge really helped me to say no to just eating whatever I wanted yesterday afternoon.

So, I hope to be able to come back here next week with this report--that I stuck with my goal of journaling my calories and eating close to my goal amount EVERY day. Will you help keep me accountable by coming back to check on me?? Thanks to those who check in on me. It means a lot.