Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5k bound--NOT overweight!

A quick update--I have been training for a 5k, and that has been going well. On Monday I ran 2 miles straight and it took me 27:15. Today I ran 2 miles straight and shaved off 1:15 to run it at 26:00 even. I know it's a slower pace, but for me, just to run a mile is huge.

I can't help but think how much easier it would be to run without carrying all the extra weight I've gained over the past 6+ years. I am approx. 10 pounds away from being considered at a health bmi--ie. not being overweight.

I am making it my goal, as of today, to run a 5k on March 12 (schedule permitting--there are two in central FL to choose from that I've found so far) and to run it at a healthy weight.

Once I lose 10 pounds, I have more to lose, but at least I can run it knowing I am no longer overweight. That is my goal. I know I can do it with God's help!

I could certainly use any accountability/encouragement anyone can throw my way. Thanks!


  1. March 12th? Did you mean April or another month? You are amazing to run 2 miles! I can't run a mile. I love you!

  2. Haha! Thanks for catching that. I did mean May 12th. Thank you so much. You are my inspiration!!! I love you.

  3. Awww.... thank you so much! I love you!!!