Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still going...

Although it seems like I'm straggling at times, I am still here! I did not make my December goals as I took a little time off for Christmas goodies.

I think that Caleb has a milk allergy, so now I am trying to cut out all milk products while he is nursing. Boy, I think this will really help with my weight loss effort! No cookies, ice cream, or chocolate. It's definitely challenging. I did buy some little non-milk candies to satisfy my sweet tooth in the meantime. :o)

Neal has set up a new challenge for me with a specific goal in mind. He said if I get to a certain weight (which will be 13 pounds to go--so 9 pounds down from today's weigh in) by February 1, 2010, that he will take me out on a dinner and movie date. It's very motivating for me!

I am hoping with Neal's challenge and the lack of milk-laden goodies, plus the help of the Lord to have self control (which I desperately need), that I might be able to achieve my goals soon enough. I hope to come back this Friday to post my progress.

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  1. so what are your non-milk candies since I'm cutting out milk products, hopefully only for 2 weeks, really don't want to be lactose intolerant permanantly. :-( I want to know what candies you found? Love you!