Friday, July 3, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly...

Well, this blog is serving it's purpose today. It's keeping me accountable. I have to post the good news as well as the bad.

We had family in town this week, and I chose to not really watch what I was eating. I gained .6 pounds from last Friday's weigh in.

This week is going to be tough because Neal and I are going away for 3 days to Gatlinburg. I will have to make an effort to make good choices while I am there if I want to lose weight this week. I keep having reasons or excuses for not making the best choices (family in town, birthday, etc.) in regards to my eating, but I've got to stop using those excuses if I ever want to lose this weight!!


About half a pound down and about 37 to go! It seems so far away, but I know I've just got to stick with the plan.


  1. Keep working on it! You'll get there :). Just remember what your goals are and that you're my most beautiful sister-in-law!

  2. good for you, Laura! I know it seems so far away, but you will get there!!! I love you!

  3. You have encouraged me to work on my eating too. Can you count any weight I might lose as your own? =]i

  4. Thanks, Mom! :o) I wish I could count your weight loss as my own! I know you always do so well when you set your mind to it, so you will probably reach your goal quickly!!