Friday, July 31, 2009

6 weeks and another pound down!

I didn't post anything last week, partly because I was in Florida on Friday. I did weigh in when I got back, and my weight had gone up a bit on the trip. It was a challenge to eat well on that trip. My Nana (great southern cook) and my sister (also a great cook) cooked for us. We also ate out several times. Although I didn't count calories, I made it my goal to try to not overeat and try to fill up on fresh fruit. We were so busy during the week that I didn't have much time to sit around and snack or overeat.

My weight went back down this week as I got back into counting my calories. I am thankful that most of the week I was able to count and stay very close to my daily calorie goal. From 2 weeks ago until today I lost one pound overall. :o)

Today is my 5th anniversary being married to Neal. I've been so blessed by him (and the Lord!!), and I hope to bless Neal in return through this effort!

4.6 down...
33.2 to go...

It's my goal to drop under the 30 pounds to go mark in two more weeks.

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  1. Yeah Laura!!! Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement about being a good cook. I did try to cook healthier those nights for all of our benefits. :-) I think you did great overall considering vacation time. Yeah for your 1 pound! Happy Anniversary, again! I love you!
    Your big sis :-)